Software License Agreements – Getting an Assessment with an Optional Spend Calendar

Timothy J. Opelt, CEO, SMS Strategic Sourcing

Simple, just call us! Okay, okay, we should probably help you prepare a little further… however, we really do take a lot of pride in being both very helpful and flexible in our consultation.

Assuming you have an established software license and/or asset management tracking system, please provide us an output that includes the following for each item you’d like us to assess:

  • OEM name
  • Software name and version
  • Term details with clear end dates
  • Current costs and payment schedule
  • Information regarding use/deployment of the product
  • Terms & Conditions


Aside from that, simply be prepared to tell us your objectives and any ancillary negotiations that may either directly or indirectly impact negotiations for which we might be helping you.

What does a software agreement assessment from SMS Strategic Sourcing look like?

  • It’s an open discussion with many good questions asked – several questions can spotlight opportunity areas in the negotiation or instances where leverage can be applied.
  • At the end of the assessment, we explain whether we believe we can help and will quantify an expected percentage we believe can be saved.
  • It’s quick, it’s painless and there are no obligations to formalize an agreement prior to your readiness.

Optional Spend Calendar Development

  • Many times customers are unaware of when they have software maintenance contract renewals pending
  • Software Publishers attempt to capitalize on this lack of preparedness and then spring a renewal obligation on a customer with a short time to execute the renewal at the risk of losing support if not done timely.
  • As a result of our no cost assessment, if you would like a Spend Calendar developed, we will develop that for you under a time and materials engagement model.
  • If you subsequently ask us to negotiate a renewal on your behalf, 50% of the T&M Cost is reimbursable against the fees associated with the negotiations outcome.
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Timothy J. Opelt, CEO, SMS Strategic Sourcing

Founder and visionary of SMS Strategic Sourcing’s business model and got-to-market strategy with over 30 years of Information Systems, Procurement, Contract Management, and Commercial Business Operations leadership with progressive, dynamic Fortune 500 corporations. Tim is a proven strategic ‘big picture’ thinker capable of forecasting and responding to industry and commercial challenges. Seasoned leader of large Procurement organizations and a ‘Trusted Advisor’ to C-Level executives delivering bottom line and top line results.