OEMs & Models Supported by SMS

Ed Ismail, VP, Data Center Product Support

With highly skilled technical personnel, a sophisticated data center hardware support infrastructure and proprietary support tools, we provide expert maintenance support for virtually any data center hardware from most major manufacturers. Although this list is not entirely comprehensive, the following is a fairly good representation of what OEMs and models we support:

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OEMProductProduct Depth
IBMSystem zIBM s/390 through zEC12
IBMSystem pIBM RS/6000 through pSeries 7
IBMSystem iIBM AS/400 through iSeries 7
IBMIBM StorageMost Disk and Tape drives, Arrays and Libraries (i.e. StorWize, DS8000, VTS)
IBMIBM ConnectivityESCON, FICON, FEP, etc.
HPHP 3000 ServersAll available HP 3000 Servers* and MPE OS Support
HPHP 9000 ServersHP 9000 700 class through rp8440 Servers* and HP-UX OS Support
HPHP Integrity Servers (Itanium)HP rx1600 through rx8640 Servers and HP-UX or OpenVMS OS Support
HPHP SuperDome ServersHP PA-RISC based through sx2000 Itanium based SuperDome and HP-UX OS Support
HPHP ProLiant ServersCompaq ProLiant through HPE ProLiant DL Generation 9 Series* (including blades)
HPDEC AlphaServersDEC AXP through Alpha GS1280 series and OpenVMS OS Support
HPDEC VAX ServersDEC VAX 11/750 through VAX 7000 series and VMS OS Support
HPDEC PDP ServersAll available DEC PDP 11 Series* Hardware only
HPHP StorageMost Disk and Tape drives, Arrays and Libraries* (i.e. EVA, MSA, MSL, XP)
DellPowerEdgeAll available PowerEdge Servers*
DellPowerVaultMost Disk and Tape drives, Arrays and Libraries* (i.e. 220S, MD3600, TL4000)
DellEquallogicEquallogic PS4100E through PS6510X series
EMCClariionCLARiiON CX200 through CX4-960 series
EMCSymmetrixSymmetrix 8XXX through DMX-4 series
EMCVNXVNXe 3100 through VNX 7500 series
EMCData DomainData Domain 510 through 890 series
EMCCelerraCelerra NX4 through NS-960 series
EMCConnectrixConnectrix DS-8B through ED-140M series
NetAppFAS seriesFAS 2020 through FAS6290C-12U series
NetAppF SeriesF720 through F880 series
NetAppV SeriesV3020 through V6240C series
HDSRAIDRAID450 through RAID 700 series (99XX, USP, USPV/M, VSP)
HDSAMSDF700 through DF800 series (AMS1000,2100,2300,2500)
FujitsuPrimePowerPrimePower 100 through 2500 series*
OracleSPARCSPARC 1 through Enterprise M9000 series*
OracleEnterpriseEnterprise 220R through Enterprise 10K series*
OracleNetraNetra T1 AC200 through Netra T5240 series
OracleSun FireSun Fire 280R through Sun Fire 25K series* (including Sun Fire v and x series)
OracleStorEdgeStorEdge A1000 through 6920 series*
OracleStorageTekSTK L20 to Timberwolf to SL8500 series*
OracleRebranded HitachiStorEdge 9910 through 9990 series*

Ed Ismail, VP, Data Center Product Support & Services

Ed Ismail is responsible for the leadership of SMS’s Data Center Product Support and Services business that delivers an integrated, multi-vendor, global support solution to meet the mission-critical needs of its clients. Prior to joining SMS, Ed held a wide range of engineering and executive management positions at TRW, Amdahl Corporation, Fujitsu Technology and Sun/STK. He also served as CTO for Fujitsu Technology (FTSI) for four years.