Indicators You Might Benefit from IT Spend Analytics

Timothy J. Opelt, CEO, SMS Strategic Sourcing

  1. If your procurement team has not yet established an IT spend calendar by agreement/vendor and by quarter, that’s aligned with a cost-savings roadmap, IT Spend Analytics may be of value.
  2. If your team has struggled to categorize agreements by segment, family or supplier, or doesn’t understand the value of this categorization, this service holds great promise.
  3. If your group can benefit by significant reduction in sourcing cycle times and/or a 15 percent reduction in admin costs, you stand to benefit by reading more about our IT Spend Analytics service.


Our IT Procurement Spend Analytics service is designed to provide our clients with greater control over their IT spending by increasing organizational capability via knowledge transfer and in-context market intelligence. Typically generating immediate cost savings of 8-14 percent, our IT Procurement Spend Analytics service provides:

  • Categorization of IT spend by segment, family and supplier
  • Focused recommendations on cost savings opportunities by category and vendor
  • IT spend calendar by agreement and quarter
  • Cost-savings roadmap
  • Quantification of potential cost savings by vendor and across time period
  • Identification of new qualified suppliers
  • Enhanced bid competitiveness
  • Up to 50 percent reduction in sourcing cycle times and up to 15 percent reduction in administrative costs
  • Increased organizational capability via knowledge transfer and in-context market intelligence


Key components of our IT Procurement Spend Analytics service include:

  • Discussion with business units and stakeholders to understand IT roadmap
  • On-site collaboration
  • IT contract review, audit and spend calendar development
  • IT spend categorization
  • OEM consolidation recommendations
  • Identification of rogue spending with recommendations to eliminate
  • Supplier spend aggregation strategies
  • Market based analysis of current discount structures
  • Both OEM and reseller/distributor negotiation strategies
  • Product standardization options
  • Evaluation of opportunities to centralize IT procurement activities to create value


All IT Procurement Spend Analytics projects are structured as refundable engagements. We refund fees paid for an IT Procurement Spend Analytics engagement as a credit applied against follow-on Strategic Sourcing work.

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Timothy J. Opelt, CEO, SMS Strategic Sourcing

Founder and visionary of SMS Strategic Sourcing’s business model and got-to-market strategy with over 30 years of Information Systems, Procurement, Contract Management, and Commercial Business Operations leadership with progressive, dynamic Fortune 500 corporations. Tim is a proven strategic ‘big picture’ thinker capable of forecasting and responding to industry and commercial challenges. Seasoned leader of large Procurement organizations and a ‘Trusted Advisor’ to C-Level executives delivering bottom line and top line results.