ClearView℠ gives unbiased insight into your data center

SMS’ ClearView℠ helps you better understand your current hardware support agreement

A ClearView Assessment starts with an asset list, then provides you a detailed support overview for each serial number, sorting them by color code so you know which systems should stay under OEM support vs. which ones can and should be moved to less costly independent support.

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Our transparent, unbiased approach puts useful knowledge in your inbox. Insights that can infuse new levels of freedom and flexibility in your budget planning, your capital outlays, and your commitment of IT resources to various operations and initiatives. Whether your hardware list includes a few hundred or tens of thousands if items, we’ll get back to you in two weeks or less with a free assessment.

Part 1

Quickly See Potential in Hardware Assets

Part 2

Understand Our Rationale, But Include Your Preferences

Part 3

Quantify, Quantify & Quantify

Part one of a ClearView Assessment permits you to easily identify which systems you are likely over-paying by using OEM-direct support. Actually, we use a three-color coding system to help you identify our recommendations, along with a logical view on the risk level associated with each recommendation. You are provided a complete report to review our logic and recommendations.

Once we provide you the report, we will schedule time to review together so you understand how to interpret the data and make choices based on your need to balance risk with implementing OPEX reductions. Once you understand the report structure, provided data and rationale, you can opt out of next steps or proceed with adjustments to our proposed methodologies. From your preferred changes, we proceed to Part 3.

Whether you wish to make changes in Part 2 or not, from our dialogue/exchange we are able to incorporate your preferences and proceed with a formal quotation so that you can more deeply understand and quantify savings potential. In most instances, Part 1-3 take no longer than a few weeks and a nominal investment of your time.

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