If IT is supposed to free businesses to be their best, why do its largest manufacturers keep trying to tie your business to their own agendas?

At SMS our business philosophy has always been based on freedom – from manufacturers, no matter how big; from the inflexibilities of conventional wisdom, no matter how prevalent; and from the endless cycle of re-investment that can make IT ownership less than liberating.

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In fact, we’ve been helping our clients make the smartest use of their own IT resources – their way – from the moment we opened our doors 35 years ago. Today SMS is out to empower its clients even further. Not just by keeping your IT up and running – but by keeping your business up-to-the-minute and running smart.

Why turn to SMS the next time you need a consult on supporting your data center, your storage, your network or your client devices? Because your business isn’t on some inevitable upgrade path. It’s on a journey that demands insight, inspiration and independence. And after working with us, we trust you’ll discover that the best part of freeing your IT is freeing your mind.


With our globally deployed team of field engineers and Central Engineering experts, we have expertise in data center migrations, consolidations, asset relocations, remote hands (global dispatch), IMACD, hardware asset audits, n-1/2 hardware sales (1-2 generations back), strategic sourcing consultation and secure IT asset disposition.

Our Commitment to Community

The SMS Community Service Program brings services, technology, and inspiration to local people in need, globally.

SMS is a global organization specializing in service, support, and technology.  Our community service program can:


  • Leverage SMS’s global topology to provide customized support locally
  • Help our local communities like we help our customers by providing exemplary service, volunteer time, and inspiration to those in need
  • Provide technology for education, training, and information access to those without the means

Our mission is Enabling IT Freedom℠ for our clients, empowering them to make the most productive and inspiring use of their IT assets, with utter reliability. Now and as their business evolves.

Our vision is simple: Give clients the knowledge to think and decide for themselves. We are fanatically free with information because we truly believe that the more the client has, the more likely they are to see us as a wise choice.

We are openly inquisitive about new tech and trends in every industry we touch. We listen intently to the ideas, hopes and needs of every client we serve. Then we say what we mean, and mean what we say.

Questions? We’re here to help 24×7