IT asset and services contract management can be a real challenge for data center managers. From design and build, to maintenance and support, to proper disposal and chain of custody reporting, the efficiency of IT operations depends upon well defined and effective change management processes and having the proper tools and resources in place for accurate management of these various data points.

Knowing the importance of having the right tools for the job, we developed singlePoint®, our secure SaaS application designed to assist our clients with the on-going challenges presented by dynamic IT environments. And best of all, this sophisticated ITAM tool is provided for free to all contract clients.

The added value you receive from SMS provides a return, without any investment.

singlePoint addresses issues associated with tracking an IT asset throughout its lifecycle such as:

  • Physical location
  • Operating status
  • Hardware details
  • Software details
  • Support service provider information
  • Engineering details
  • Decommissioning status with certificates of erasure
  • Disposition status with certificates of destruction.

singlePoint delivers unrivaled functionality.

  • singlePoint delivers automatic electronic notifications of warranty, service contract, and lease contract expirations or renewals, by device or by asset group.
  • singlePoint maintains electronic attachments of configuration documents, patch status, IOS status, environmental disposal certificates, and even support notes per asset or contract.
  • singlePoint contains multi-vendor service contract, monitoring, audit and serial number status.
  • singlePoint enables activity board views of the status of your entire environment and includes SMS incident status, newly added items and expiration notifications.
  • singlePoint enables the creation of non-critical incidents online.
  • singlePoint delivers numerous graphs and reports, including SLA score card and asset failure analysis.
  • All SMS maintained IT assets are pre-loaded into singlePoint and synchronized daily with internal contract systems.
  • singlePoint delivers the ability to track assets and contracts that are not under SMS support using our Maintenance Management Integration service offering.
We provided added value even if we are not your direct IT service provider.

Maintenance Management Integration

Managing multiple IT maintenance providers, service contracts, and associated SLAs can be challenging without the right tools and resources in place. With our Maintenance Management Integration service, these issues, and others, are addressed by providing a single point of control for all IT asset, and support contract monitoring and management.

With our Maintenance Management Integration service, singlePoint will provide complete visibility into all of your existing IT assets, their status and the maintenance contracts that support them by:

  • Consolidating multiple service level agreements across multiple manufacturers into a single dashboard and integrated reporting tool
  • Providing you with a single number to call for all your IT support needs, regardless of the provider delivering the maintenance
  • Consolidating all of your asset reporting and tracking requirements into a single, secure, web-based portal
  • Delivering an annual site audit to capture important information regarding your assets, their location and their software status
  • Providing the required information to ensure every IT asset is covered with the necessary maintenance by using the SMS Fix-IT-First® policy to roll devices into an SMS contract when needed.

Service Entitlements

We use singlePoint to consolidate interactions with all maintenance service providers and maintain all necessary paperwork for your service entitlement. The SMS call center uses singlePoint to determine:

  • The maintenance support provider for a particular device
  • Maintenance management availability, and if available:
    • Place a service call on your behalf to the appropriate maintenance provider
    • Provide a letter of assignment to the maintenance provider
    • Provide proof of entitlement for that device to the maintenance provider
    • Monitor the situation until it is resolved by that service provider.

If a Maintenance Management Integration contract is not in place, and there is no other service contract covering the IT asset, SMS will initiate its Fix-IT-First policy to ensure your asset is protected.