EMC Connectrix Hardware Maintenance & EMC Support

EMC third-party maintenance with EMC Connectrix hardware maintenance, EMC IMAC and EMC Connectric third party maintenance.

Our EMC® Connectrix® hardware maintenance and support service provides organizations with an independent, EMC alternative for post-warranty IT hardware support on mission-critical, non-critical and disaster recovery IT assets throughout North America, Asia and Europe. Instead of replacing your EMC storage unnecessarily when the warranty period ends, rely on us to help you get the most from your Connectrix investment.

Raising the bar to provide more EMC Connectrix value.

What makes our EMC Connectrix maintenance and support service so strong is our people, parts, process and large investment in our Connectrix support infrastructure. We don’t just fix failing EMC equipment, but raise the bar to its furthest height by providing expert guidance, creating innovative solutions and building advanced support tools that ensure the highest quality service, delivered consistently across your enterprise.

Reasons to choose us for your EMC Connectrix hardware maintenance and support:
  • Global service availability
  • 100+ SMS-owned and operated brick and mortar service centers located around the world, staffed by our employees and stocked with our owned parts inventory
  • 450+ highly trained, cross-functional field engineers located worldwide
  • Level 3 & 4 global technical support via 60+ member central engineering team
  • Flexible Level Agreement (SLA) options that meet or exceed industry standards
  • US-based multilingual call center that does not rely on scripted responses and quickly triages and assigns incidents to local service teams
  • Contract, asset and incident management via our proprietary SaaS application - singlePoint®
  • Dedicated service assurance team to seamlessly transition to SMS support
  • Numerous methods for initiating a service request
  • Field engineers arrive on-site with tested parts in-hand.

Scalability that simplifies, providing expert resources when and where needed.

We offer a suite of complementary IT support services designed to provide you with common and custom solutions to meet your difficult challenges. Our IT services suite includes:

  • IT hardware sales
  • Deployments and installations
  • Data center inventory and audits
  • Secure hardware asset recycling and disposition
  • Smart hands / IMAC services
  • Data center migrations and relocations
  • Strategic sourcing.

EMC Connectrix Product Support Listing

Note: Not all supported products may be listed.
Supported EMC Products
EMC Connectrix
Connectrix DS-8B
Connectrix DS-16B
Connectrix DS-8B2
Connectrix DS-16B2-0D
Connectrix DS-16B3-FF-D
Connectrix DS-16M-0D
Connectrix DS-32B2
Connectrix ED-12000
Connectrix ED-48000
Connectrix DS-24M2
Connectrix DS-4400M
Connectrix ED-64M
Connectrix ED-140M