Data Center Relocations

Data Center Relocation and Migration IntroOne of the most difficult and stressful challenges IT leaders can face is a data center relocation, especially if the project involves consolidation of multiple data centers. Complicating this challenge even further can be the need to consolidate data centers that are located across international borders. While many IT leaders are able to properly manage such a task and complete their data center move with limited consequence, engaging a specialized IT asset relocation company like SMS to fill specific resource gaps, or to manage the entire project, can have many benefits. These benefits include substantial cost reductions, significantly reduced risk to business operations and a considerably lower level of stress for your IT organization.

From simple server relocations to global data center relocations, these data center services can help your business avoid the common pitfalls that can cause major business disruptions, while creating a project environment that benefits both your business and your employees.

Service benefits:
  • Global capabilities
  • Specialized Project Managers
  • Cross-functional, multi-platform experienced Systems Engineers, no general movers are used
  • High spare parts availability via SMS owned and operated global service center network
  • Simultaneous relocation and/or consolidation projects to meet transition timelines
  • Reduces risk to business operations
  • Ensures industry best practices are followed
Service value:
  • Reduces server and data center relocation costs
  • Reduces IT management and staff burden
  • Reduces employee overhead and/or need for temporary staffing and training
  • Provides ability to fill expertise and resource gaps to better control costs
  • Expert technical staff ensures minimal hardware issues and quick remediation should they occur
Data Center Relocations service highlights:
  • Discovery and planning phase:
    • Development of timelines and schedules
    • Inventory database preparation
    • Virtual system migration review and planning
    • Data capacity and migration approach review
    • Network capacity review
    • Transportation method determination
    • Spare parts gap analysis development
  • Relocation phase:
    • Oversight and management of relocation activities
    • De-installation of all systems
    • IT asset packaging
    • Loading of transportation vehicles
    • Data migration and synchronization for virtual moves
    • P2V and V2V migration
    • Transportation of data center equipment
      • Global transportation available
      • All transit cargo is insured
      • Numerous methods of transportation available
    • Installation of equipment in pre-designated locations
    • Hardware functionality checks once equipment is powered on
    • Migration and virtual systems testing at new location
    • Systems repair if required
    • Clean-up and removal of packing materials
  • Advanced relocation options:
    • Complete project management
    • Development and documentation of migration approaches
    • Determine risks associated with recommended and alternative approaches
    • Determine cost for selected and alternative move approaches
    • Development of detailed migration plans
    • Development of communications plan for end-users, key stakeholders, and IT personnel
    • Development of reporting and escalation processes
    • Collection and documentation of application and server inventories
    • Ensure properly mapped application groups
    • Determine logical and physical dependencies
    • Document application priorities, recovery time objectives, and dependencies
    • Identification of influencing factors such as:
      • Risk factors
      • Freeze dates
      • Holidays
      • Service levels
      • Outage windows
      • Recovery time objectives
      • Emergency department operations
    • Identification of existing technologies that can reduce recovery times
    • Migration group modeling

Using expertise and experience to prepare a solid foundation for success.

With the experience of having performed hundreds of IT asset relocations and data center moves, our experts that make up the SMS Data Center Transition Services Team prepare for every project with a highly strategic approach and best practices framework. Our specialized Project Managers work closely with our clients to plan and review every facet of an IT asset relocation project. From budgeting requirements to spare parts gap analysis, there is no detail that goes unchecked.

This discovery and planning phase is critical for ensuring minimal risk, project timelines are met and client expectations are exceeded. This phase of our Data Center Relocations service incorporates many components that require meticulous attention to detail such as:

  • Project scope and scale analysis
  • Budgeting requirements
  • Timeline requirements
  • Risk assessments
  • Asset inventory and spare parts requirements
  • Data migration requirements and methodologies
  • And much more.

Having a thoughtfully planned project and a well informed team is imperative, and we provide the expertise, tools and resources to make it as easy as possible.

Enabling efficiency with the insight of experienced IT systems experts.

Because SMS uses highly skilled and experienced Systems Engineers and Technicians along with professional electronic moving partners, the relocation phase of our IT asset and data center relocation projects is extremely efficient and carried out in a way that ensures minimal risk to client equipment. Having a high level of familiarity with all IT asset and platform types, our Systems Engineers are able to quickly uninstall, prepare and pack for safe transportation, reinstall according to OEM specifications, ensure proper functionality once powered on and make any needed repairs to failed system components. This level of expertise can significantly reduce the chance of unintended disruptions and also quickly remedy issues should they occur.

This phase of our Data Center Relocations service incorporates many components that require a high level of expertise and experience to perform such as:

  • IT functionality testing
  • Data migrations
  • Migration and virtual systems testing
  • Proper packaging and handling
  • IT systems repair
  • And much more.

Having skilled experts handling valuable business data and IT hardware is vital for ensuring maximum process efficiency, and we provide the expertise required to minimize risk while meeting timelines.

Providing IT leaders with a high level of control.

Our Data Center Relocations service can be tailored to fit your business's exact requirements allowing you to strategically leverage only what is needed to fill your expertise and resource gaps. This flexibility can significantly reduce your IT asset and data center move costs compared to "all or none" packaged services giving you the control to strategically balance your wants and requirements.

Furthering your ability to get the expertise you require while controlling costs, we offer many other advanced data center relocation services such as:

  • Complete project management
  • Ensuring application groups are properly mapped
  • Determining logical and physical dependencies
  • Documentation of application priorities, recovery time objectives, and dependencies
  • Advise as to where existing technologies can help reduce recovery times
  • Migration group modeling
  • Joint development and documentation of migration approaches including risk and contingency plans for each approach
  • Development of reporting and escalation processes

Providing IT leaders with smart options.

Our Data Center Relocations service can also be combined with many other complimentary SMS services to provide even greater flexibility and project scalability. These services include:

  • Secure on-site or off-site data erasure
    • Complies with regulatory requirements
    • Includes certificates of erasure
  • Secure on-site or off-site disk and tape shredding
  • IT asset disposition (e-Stewards certified)
    • Complies with environmental protection regulations
    • Includes chain of custody reporting
  • Internal IT hardware audits
  • IT asset re-purposing
  • IT asset resale

With a unique combination of experience, capability, flexibility and global reach, no other company can match the benefits and value of the Data Center Relocations service we offer. Because of the highly complex nature of hardware relocations, make sure you have the expertise and resources you require for a successful completion of your project by relying on SMS to make it happen.